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A bird eye’s view. The double pitched roofs and the exterior space divided into two smaller zones.


"A clinic with two fertility treatment zones"
The clinic specializing in fertility treatment is located in Tsukuba, Ibaraki prefecture. Fertility treatment has become an essential medical treatment related to the current social changes such as population decline, advancement in women’s roles in society, and late marriage. While the competition is intense in the Tokyo metropolitan area close to workplaces such as Marunouchi and Shinjuku, a successful doctor in Tokyo planned to open a hospital in the suburbs of Tsukuba.
On the 1st floor are a cleanroom cell culture laboratory, an operating room, and a resting room that require high functionality related to in vitro fertilization. State-of-the-art equipment and microscopes line up inside like a science lab in Silicon Valley. The 2nd floor is an outpatient clinic. A unique feature is that outpatient fertility treatment is completely separated into two examination zones. Everything from the exterior and interior materials, the waiting room chairs, to the parking lot is divided into two parts: a zone for patients wishing for their first child, and a zone for patients who already have one child or more. In many conventional fertility centers in urban areas, children are not allowed in the facility, considering how painful it is for couples desperately wishing for their first child, to come in contact with children. In this clinic, children are not allowed in the first fertility treatment zone, but since everything from the parking lot, entrance, elevator, waiting room, and examination room of the second zone is completely separated, parents may take their children inside the second zone. Cedar boards in two different colors are used for the exterior materials with a villa-like feel, and separate roof materials give the impression they are two different buildings adjacent to each other.
A hospital in the suburbs is blessed with more space, so equal attention was given to the surrounding landscape. In the consultation zone for first-child patients, a large stair-shaped terrace joins the 2nd floor entrance of the consultation room, as if the ground is gradually rising. The staircase terrace also serves as an approach to hold outdoor seminars on the level landing and stairs. Additionally, olive trees and cherry trees are planted around the separated parking lot zones, with future plans of being developed into a winery by growing grapes in the vast adjacent fields.

The areas for patients having their 2nd kids (brown outer walls) and for patients having their first kids (white walls) are connected.

A bird's eye view of the area for patients having their first child. The 2nd floor is composed with brown cedar boards on its outer walls.

  • 1人目の子供を望む患者ゾーン(茶色の外壁)の立面写真。1階は安静室で2階が待合室
    An elevation of the area (with brown outer walls) for patients having their first kid. The 1st floor is a resting room and the 2nd floor is a waiting room.

  • 2人目以上の子供を望む患者ゾーン(白色の外壁)の立面写真
    An elevation of the area (with white outer walls) for patients having their second kid onward.

A bird eye from of the buildings with a nice view of Mount Tsukuba.

In the area (brown walls) for patients having their first kids, there is a terrace with stairs connecting the two floors. Here is an approach, which can be used for outdoor seminars.

  • 1人目の子供を望む患者ゾーンのエントランスのロータリー
    In the area for patients having their first kids,There is a roundabout at the entrance.

  • 1人目の子供を望む患者ゾーンの2階のテラスと1階エントランスのロータリー
    In the area for patients having their first kids,There is a waiting room and terrace on the 2nd floor. And there is a roundabout at the entrance.

Reception counter and waiting room in front of the lab on the 1st floor for patients with their first kid. The high-tech lab can be seen through the glasses of the waiting room outside.

The resting area on the 1st floor with white walls, wooden walls, and soft indirect lighting.

The lab on the 1stfloor. High tech devices are all put in the clean room, patients can see through the glasses.

  • 1階培養室のラボに隣接したタンク庫。
    A tank storage adjacent to the laboratory on the 1st floor.

  • 1階培養室に隣接した電算室
    The lab is connected with the computer room.

  • 2階は1人目の子供を望む患者ゾーン(茶色の外壁)と2人目以上の子供を望む患者ゾーン(白色の外壁)が隣接する
    The areas for patients having their 2nd kids (brown outer walls) and for patients having their first kids (white walls) are connected.

  • 1階培養室と安静室に隣接した手術室。数種類のプログラムされた間接照明が天井に設置されている
    The surgery room connected to the resting area and the lab. The ceiling can be illuminated with different lighting patterns by an auto-program.

The waiting room for patients having their first kid.

The waiting from for patients having their second kid onward. Couches are three colors, good to accommodate children. There are also lighting projections on the floor.

  • 2人目以上の子供を望む患者ゾーンの診察室。子供も同伴することができる
    The examination room for patients for their second kids. Children are welcomed.

  • 1人目の子供を望む患者ゾーンの診察室
    The examination room for patients with one kid.

  • メンズルーム(採精室)
    Semen collection room.

  • 化粧室、手洗

  • 家具、壁、天井、床が白いスタッフゾーン。1人目と2人目の子供を望む患者ゾーンの診察室の中間にあり、それぞれのゾーンの診察室行き来できる
    The staff zone- with furniture, walls, ceiling, and floorings all in white. It’s the middle of the two patients’ areas so staff are able to access both easily.

  • 2階レーザー鍼灸室
    The second floor laser acupuncture room.

  • 2人目以上の子供を望む患者ゾーンの夕景
    Evening view of the area for patients having their second kid onward.

  • 1人目の子供を望む患者ゾーンの階段の夕景
    Evening view of the stairs in the patient zone overlooking the first child.

An evening bird's eye view the patient zone (with white outer walls) for patients with more than one kid, with two pitched roofs in the two different zones.


電気設備:タクトコンフォート 株式会社

Principal use : Clinic
Building site :Tsukuba, Ibaraki

Architectural design:Junzo Kuroda Atelier
Associate architect:Yasushi Kobayashi, Daigo Koyama
Structure design : Daisuke Hasegawa

Mechanical : Comodo facility planning
Electrical facilities: Tact-comfort
Ligting design: Light design
General contractor: TOBU Construction 

Photos : Takumi Ota
Design date : 2019.11